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Retaining Walls

Proficient Concreting can also assist you with any retaining walls you may require. We will be happy to meet you onsite to discuss various options and prices, and to provide you with a quote for your project. As we are based in Helensvale, we are happy to take on any projects from the Northern Gold Coast boundaries right down to the Southern Gold Coast border.

Proficient Concreting promotes and installs besser blocks for all retaining wall work on the Gold Coast. As an experienced concreting company we only provide the materials that we are certain will stand up to the extreme weather we can experience on the ‘tropical Gold Coast’, and as our work is guaranteed, we need to be comfortable that the material used is able to meet our high standards.
You are also able to choose from a large range of styles and colours to ensure that as well as being a strong, load bearing structure, the retaining wall will fit into your landscaping or existing colour palette.

What are Besser Blocks?
Also commonly known by names such as cinder blocks, breeze blocks, concrete masonry units, foundation blocks, besser blocks are large bricks that are made from concrete. The bricks are usually made with a series of hollow tubes inside them, which helps to reduce the weight of the concrete and also improves the insulating properties of the blocks.
The concrete in a besser block is normally blended with other materials and then it is cast, which manipulates the density of the Besser Block. For example, concrete can be blended with a material such as ash to create a lighter block that can be used to construct relatively light but stable levels in a larger building. To achieve a block with higher density, we can mix sand or gravel in with the concrete. High density blocks will also help shield radiation or improve soundproofing.

Why we build with besser blocks ?
The lower price, durability and structural reliability of the besser blocks make them a great option for retaining walls. They save on steel and mortar and their hollow tunnels can be used to house plumbing and wires if needed for outdoor lighting or electrics.

How are besser blocks installed?
A retaining wall made with besser blocks is normally constructed in a similar fashion to other masonry walls. A solid foundation is first established and then the bricks are laid out in an overlapping grid pattern, which will help to stabilise the structure. Mortar is then spread onto each brick before it is laid, which fixes the wall together firmly, in one piece. This results in a solid wall which will have an excellent load bearing capacity. If your retaining wall is well constructed, the besser blocks will also provide a tight building envelope which will ensure that the Gold Coast storms are unable to get in and cause any corrosive problems, but still allows moisture to escape.

Your retaining walls should be washed down and an inspection of all visible mortar and any rendering should be carried out at least once a year. Any repairs necessary should be arranged. Early winter on the Gold Coast is a good time for this, as the storms and cyclones have blown through and done their worst, and the drier days allow you to get outside and easily check your retaining walls for any damage before it gets too cold. Other than this, besser blocks should need very little maintenance.
If you have a retaining wall that needs to be repaired, replaced or installed, call Proficient Concreting for a quote now!

Don’t let a retaining wall cause you any dramas. Retaining walls must be able to perform the duty they are designed for. If they are not completed correctly they can cause massive problems in the future. The Proficient Concreting expert team can attend your site and let you know the best retaining wall for your site, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the economical quote.