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Exposed Aggregate Concrete

There are so many different concrete products on the market now for you to choose from, and some of them are more suited to certain conditions than others. If you have a Gold Coast project planned and you are confused by the myriad of choices, then call Proficient Concreting and we can make sure that you understand which product would be best for you job!

A large range of designs and colours

There are a wide variation of colours and textures of exposed aggregate concrete for you to choose from. You can achieve that prestige classic look which will add style, elegance, grace, increased value to any project. If you have the chosen stone the full depth of the slab you can produce outstanding results to your new or improved concrete pavement areas. Colours can also be tinted to the concrete to ensure your project stands out with its unique look. Proficient Concreting always applies a top seal which adds gloss, ensures the slab is mould resistant, tyre mark resistant and it allows the full depth of colour of the chosen stone to shine through. Exposed aggregate finishes are coming into their own as beautiful and sturdy architectural paving. The ‘exposed’ surface of exposed aggregate concrete reveals your choice of beautiful, natural textures of numerous stones like pebble, shells, or silicate and crushed Quarry stone.

What is exposed aggregate used for?

With the large range of aggregate/mix and colour combinations available, exposed aggregate concrete is suited to both traditional style homes as well as contemporary and commercial applications. Consider what your normal asphalt driveway would look like if it was re-done in exposed aggregate. It would add extra dimensions of colour and texture and individualise your project. We also find that people choose exposed aggregate concrete for driveways or areas requiring more traction. It is also an excellent choice for garden paths, pool surrounds, custom landscaping and outdoor entertainment areas that need a little more elegance. We are happy to discuss your Gold Coast project with you and let you know the different options that would suit your design. We find that exposed aggregate concrete is used mainly in:

  • driveways; as it is stylish, hardwearing and has a very durable surface.
  • swimming pool edges and surrounds; as the textured surface has excellent slip resistance.
  • landscaping, pathways in parks and gardens; as it always performs well in high traffic areas.
  • outdoor entertainment areas; to provide a modern, stylish alternative.
  • subdivision footpaths and community areas; because of the hard wearing properties and slip resistance.

What is exposed aggregate concrete?

In exposed aggregate finishes, the aggregates (the stones, sands or shells) near the surface are revealed. Normally these would be concealed by the top layer of cement. Exposed Aggregate Concrete is created through a process resulting in the top layer of cement being removed which allows the chosen stone, sand, shell mix to be exposed which highlights the natural elements of the stone. There are a number of techniques for producing exposed aggregate finishes, each one creating a different and distinctive appearance.