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Concrete Styles

Whatever design style you are wanting, whether it is very modern or an idea from the past, concrete is an excellent material choice. Concrete brings a versatility that means the designs are endless.

Whether your site is a cosy bungalow or an ultra-modern factory setting, your concrete choice should dazzle but not distract from the property. Ensure you have maximum curb side appeal (which adds to your resale value) but keep your project in harmony with your existing colour scheme, character and surroundings.

Plain Concrete

Proficient Concreting can provide new, plain grey concrete anywhere on the Gold Coast with the options of decorative coatings available if desired.

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete can have contrasting design added such as bricks, borders, rosettes etc to lift the overall appearance.

Slate Look Concrete

Slate Look concrete can also have borders and rosettes added, and it can be stamped in numerous patterns that you can choose from.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate provides home owners and architects with the ability to include a large range of colours and textures to suit any design. A colour can also be tinted to the concrete, or pavers or bricks laid as a border to give your project a unique look.

Stencilled Concrete

Proficient Concreting can offer you a wide range of stencilled concrete designs to choose from. It can also be slate rolled to give the entire surface a Slate Look textured finish. These Stencil Concrete finishes are extremely decorative and suit all areas.

Spray On Paving

Spray on paving offers you a mix of patterns and colours that is only limited by your imagination. Patterns and colours can be mixed and matched to suit any situation even company logos can be reproduced.

Exterior Products

Proficient Concreting can also assist with other exterior products such as:

  • Retaining Walls – Brick, Sandstone timber and Block
  • Timber – Fences, Decks, Gates and Screening
  • Drainage – Solving storm water and run off problems
  • Kerbing and Garden Edging
  • Pool Edging
  • Decorative Rocks

Although there are many styles of concrete here are some examples of combining decorative concretes. Colour choices, texture variations and specialty details are limited only by your design palette. Use the style palettes below as a guide to help you discover your specific look.


Large geometrical patterns, industrial looking materials and sleek lines are the trademarks of modern design. Concrete, with its smooth finishes, subtle shades of grey and functional ability can be used to achieve this contemporary look.

Old World

Distressed finishes, stone surfaces and warm, masculine colours bring about the Old World style. Concrete gives you the ability to imitate the ageless appeal of pathways and patios of Tuscan and Mediterranean-style homes, while bringing a sense of modern permanence.


Concrete in rich earth-tone colours and rough finishes contribute to the rustic charm of the outback, or farmhouse styles. Using special stains and dyes, it is possible to “antique” existing concrete and give it an aged, weathered look.


Formal brick-lined and stone pathways are prevalent outside traditional homes. This same classic, simple style can be done in concrete by adding details such as scalloped edges, brick-patterned borders and symmetrical lines.

Gold Coast

Concrete is perfect for the beach, sand-and-sea vibe of a Gold Coast home. Coloured in natural browns and sandy hues, concrete complements the vibrant turquoise blues and lush tropical greens of a Gold Coast setting.
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